Signs of a Hardcore Filipino Martial Artist

• you do siniwali drills in class with your pencils

• at Thanksgiving you don’t get to carve the turkey because of last year’s “espada y daga demonstration”

• whenever someone is hoggin the remote you use a disarm to get it away from them

• you think the only word that belongs in front of do is eskri

• you train with axe handles/iron pipes/telephone poles

• you know the difference between Kali, Escrima, Arnis and all of the other 400 or so different FMA styles

• you’ve ever been in a death match

• you broke an “unbreakable” olisi

• Lapu-Lapu is your hero

• you own 6 t-shirts and 5 of them are from doce pares

• the guys at Manila Passport Control just wave you through

• no one asks you anymore what those sticks you bring to school/work/church are for

• 6, 10 and 12 are you favorite numbers

• you’re fluent in Tagalog

• there is some video about Eskrima on the web with you in it

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