Filipino Martial Arts is the indigenous martial arts of the Philippines.  I have always wanted to make a video of me and my crazy obsession with stickifghting and now thanks to the magic of a digital camera as well as iMovie and Garage Band from APPLE, I was able to make this video.   This is a very rough first video but I think it will only get better in time.  As you can see I know my spacing very well as not once did the GIANT T.V. behind me was in ever any danger.  And for all those that say big people can’t move, well this should say otherwise.  You can find us at

Special thanks goes out to Aaron Grodin for helping me make the track… Camera Operators Joy and Kiko Noche (my niece and nephew) as well as Chief Jo and Sonny Napial for always believing in me and for Guro John Garcia who always supported me as well as the rest of VISAYAN LEGACY ASSOCIATION for always having my back.  And last but not least the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for without HIM none of this would be here.  

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