Dream Whisperer

In my personal studies of the scripture, it is clear that God does convey His message to us in many ways. But one unique way is through our dreams. Unique meaning that only a faitful few can interpret them. In the case of Joseph were Pharaoh couldn’t interpret his own dream. Again with King Nebachanezzer. Joseph
himself said the business of interpreting dreams is God work.

Last night I had a dream. And here is what I saw. In the dream I joined a very old style of martial arts. I want to say it’s Kung Fu for it was very heavy on the traditions and that the Grandmaster’s word is law. Well there was a technique or move that I developed but the move has requirements in order for it to work. I was carrying an old muskett, you know the kind that was used during the American Revolution. And affixed on it was a bayonet. The move requires someone from behind me to grab me. And the move has me killing the enemy behind me by cutting his throat and down to his heart.

When I showed that to my old grandmaster he said that the move is not how they do things. And he ordered me to never so that move again. Perplexed why would he say that, and when I asked him why not? He yelled at me, and then as I was about to react, I woke up.

What do you think that means? My friends have said that my Jedi power is dream interetations. I always thought that God blessed me with this gift and now I need to use it. I think I have interpret it already but I shall pray more to see it more clearly.

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