February 21, 2009 – Anaheim CA As I look around this row of office complexes the scene does not fit what was in my head. But there it was a group of Filipino Martial Artist stretching and twirling and preparing themselves for the physical demands of the day ahead of us.

Bahala Na style of Grandmaster Leo Giron starts the day. This would be my first exposure to their style, as they start showing the basics of the five strikes, they definitely have emphasized LARGO style fighting. The movements are interesting as they are focusing this as a bladed style of fighting. I was having difficulties with the timing. For that is key in there system. It’s almost about striking firs. GM GIRON was a soldier in WW2 and I can definitely see the influence on that. What was fun was when we started sparring sessions and I must admit I got clocked right on the hand and that is why it took me this long to type it out since my hand still hurted.

Bahad Zubu – GM Yuli Romo’s style is a huge contrast as it was more corto ranges and although still bladed emphasized about baiting your opponent. Checking as well as of course foot work. John Brown the organizer as well as the teacher of Bahad Zubu was awesome. His technique and passion is apparent. A friend of mine said that there is a strong Ilustrisimo influence and I can see that.

Blaise Loong had a style but not really a name unfortunately I couldn’t stay long enough to see the whole demonstration.

Overall for the price and the exposure I felt that I got my money’s worth as well as making some new friends.