Eversince people learned that I practice Filipino Martial Arts I get some more often than not these type of questions.

So here is my answer to those query…

What if someone pulls a gun/knife/pipe etc and ask for your money what would you do?

Give that person my money. My life is far worth more than whatever amount I carry in my pockets. I can always make more money (sure not as much as I would like) but I can’t make another me.

People are in a daze to hear me say those things. I think they expect me to pull a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Move. Trust me that movie was all fantasy. But that’s what that us a fantasy. If anything a responsible martial arts instructor should teach you how to survive first. And in that situation why risk it over a few dollar bills. There is nothing in this world more precious than your life.

Now don’t get me wrong if after I give the money and I feel my life was still in danger well it’s on like donkey kong. But self defense starts with self awareness. Be aware of the situation around you. Pastor Rick Warren author of Purposr Driven Life said stay focused for just like light, focused well enough it can cut through anything such as rock or a sheet of metal.

So till next time keep swinging.

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My students know that I don’t care so much for speed or power, but more important is accuracy.

Who cares how fast you are or no matter how strong when you keep missing the target does it matter? Accuracy once mastered is then a matter of adding either more speed or power but at least each strike counts.

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