Last night I trained with the guys for th first time this year. And it was intense to say the

least. Instead or swinging the regular rattan stick I swung a heavy kamagong stick. And it was bulky and the weight shifted too much to keep any sort of balance to it and unless you are an experience escrimador I don’t recommend for new practicioners to be wielding it. It will just hurt your wrist.

Hitting the tires and th bags with those heavy sticks were no jokes. But when we switched to the lighter sticks I was flying

But my back is sore and I can’t get up.

I love stickfighting
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So today’s class I find myself developing more and more as an escrimador. Today we worked on the ABC blade technique. When my students asked why are we using the full stick when a knife is a lot shorter than that. I said well if you can clear a 24″ stick while acting like it’s a blade the how much more easier it is when it’s a 4″ knife? Which makes so much freekin sense that it made me wonder hmm did I always know that or was it something I did during my days as a student and never really understood why. I am so happy with my student’s progress that I remember how they use to twirl now I am very proud to see the excell.

Then I wanted to re-emphasize the kawi hand. Cause I truly believe that the stick hand kills your enemy but it’s your kawit hand is what will save your life.

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