More often than not I get a lot of questions and comments about FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) and it’s effectiveness. Well it doesn’t take much convincing that FMA is designed for real world application. And yes I know we don’t walk around with sticks everyday. But any true Filipino Martial Artist knows what makes this effective isn’t the tool it’s the “tool” that thinks that I need a stick to kick their ass. Just kidding what makes this dangerous isn’t the stick it’s the person that wields it.

And here’s why:

1. Extension. A stick is an extension of my arm meaning that I can still do the same move with a small variation.

2. Faster than you. A stick can travel almost 50x’s faster than your fist. And we train to block and counter with a fast moving sticks being wielded against us. Well if we can move block evade counter circumnavigate dodge with a stick traveling at high velocity than how much easier would it be when it is traveling at a slower rate?

3. We start training weapon first. That is because FMA has a military point of view. In any military training across the globe and history. All soldiers are first taught how to fight with a weapon. And when they go out on the field of battle they carry as much weapons as they can carry. Why? It’s because they want to have as much of an advantage over their enemy. So they teach them how to wield their weapons first and then move into empty hands. But ask any soldier, once you take a way their weapons are they any less dangerous?

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This is the first time I didn’t go to a big tournament with the guys. But it was Jules birthday and well I had to go. Actually I had to go to both. So I went to Julies birthday but before that I’ve packed my bags for I am heading to Fremont California or the 2010 tournament. And here is my ROAD TRIP.

12:24 AM drove for about 45 mins and mother nature calls (or roared) and so I’m here at Santa Clarita’s IHop answering the call. As soon as I was done I stepped out to find out that not all Ihops are 24 Hours. Oops.

2:02 AM not really sure where I am but I am in petro iron skillet stop. Why is this trip requireing me to use the can a lot? What the heck did I eat at Julie’s

3:30 AM again not sure where I am but pulled over at a denny’s nap time. Oh btw I drank that 5 hour energy drink and one hour later I’m sleepy. What a rip off.

I know I should really sleep but the one hour drive wasn’t too bad. I was able to turn on the cruise control and just coast man. The whole drive I just kept thinking how beautiful Julie was tonight. She was wearing this cream colored dress and it was so nice to hear about special moments people had with her. It was really great to see Auntie Trini and Uncle Lawry. Auntie was telling me that she is going to Vegas for her 75th birthday and in July the whole clan is going to Hawaii for Uncle’s 80th birthday. I love them so much.

4:30 AM FINAL PUSH. I’ve decided to not make anymore stops. I was driving on Highway 158 and the sun starting to peak through the hills. To be honest if this was the only reason why I went just so I can this Majestic Moment it would be worth it.

7:35 AM so the GPS kept saying that I will arrive at my destination at 7:35 AM and I was starting to have my doubts. But I did make it. Tried calling Josh but no answer and called Kim and he was able to tell me where their room was so I can take a quick shower.

8:00 AM I’m downstairs saying hi to everyone.

Now it’s 2:19 AM Monday morning and I’m back home safe and sound. Josh was able to drive back with me and he actually drove the lion share of it back so I was able to catch some sleep. But overall it was a great quick road trip and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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