It has come to my attention that WEKAF USA’s board of directors are planning to raise the dues. As a former member of the board that thought has indeed crossed my mind, with all the things I wanted to do as the Marketing Director the number one issue has always been money.

But before they raise the dues I think a few fundamental questions need to be answered by the board before I agree to the raise.

1) Has the whole issue of who has the right to be called WEKAF USA been resolved?

2) If WEKAF USA is the largest WEKAF INTL member, than what has WEKAF INTL done to accommodate the USA team? For example,
a. Get special rates for USA team to be in one hotel
b. Shouldn’t the USA group vote be worth more since we are a majority? I am not asking this to be a snob, but if 10 countries vote against the USA and each of those countries have only 1-2 members while the USA has 160+ then why is our vote only count as one?

3. What benefits do I get now as a WEKAF USA member?

4. What do you plan to add if we raise the dues?

5. Where are my ID cards or School Certificate?

6. How come there are no more ALL MEMBER meetings?

7. How can the board communicate with it’s members?

8. What forum do we have to talk about how the last National was ran?

9. As a school member how are you helping me develop my business?

10. How are you making FMA more mainstream?

These are just some questions that need be answered irregardless wether they raise the dues or not.

I encourage all WEKAF USA board to ask their director these questions before they raise the dues.

Francis Serrano
Former Marketing Director

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