About us.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) unlike many of the “traditional” martial arts starts you with a weapon first and then moves you into empty hands.  The philosophy behind that goes back to thousands of years and is still practiced today by today’s military.  So the thinking behind FMA ismilitaristic in nature where the one who goes home is the victor.  
FMA is a complete martial arts that includes weapons training (single stick, double stick, knife, staff, whip) as well as empty hands (mano-mano) locks and grappling (dumog).

No Nonsense: FMA is an efficient style of fighting. Why take 10 moves to stop your opponent when it can be done in 2. Once you start to practice FMA the instructor will focus on teaching you how to efficiently and effectively take care of anyone who dares to stand against you.

No Excuses: By combining theories and practice we encourage (although not require) each student to compete in local and international tournaments to better prepare the fighter. The training is hard, but its time to silence the quitter inside of you.

No Apologies: In today world there are many evil people out there ready to take advantage of you and your loved ones. The goal of FMASCHOOL is for YOU to come home safe and sound, and we make NO APOLOGIES in attaining that goal.