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The Filipino Martial Arts Legacy by Francis T.B. Serrano and Ollie Salvador

This post is dedicated to SGM Cacoy Cañete.  I never had the distinct honor of ever training directly with this legend, but I have met many who have.  If the character of the teacher is measured by the character of his students, then SGM Cacoy Cañete was indeed an honorable man. As I write this, […]

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Why we fight – My thoughts of the 2015 GSBA USA National Tournament

The anticipation is thick, as my guys Mark & Kyle load the truck with gears and clothes. The time is 0700,  Perris, CA. The weather is high 70’s. Gloomy but no matter how overcast the day may be, nothing is going to diminish the excitement that we all have as we leave for the 2015 […]

I’m not that guy

I’m not that guy Who knows how to please everyone I’m not that guy  Who makes everyone face light up  I’m not that guy Who makes you laugh on the darkest days I’m not that guy  Who people are proud to know  I’m not that guy Who can shake everyone’s hand  I’m not that guy […]

Last night I had a dream and I’ve been having dreams that later on comes true.  I’ve verified this through Tiffany Napial but now I am going to start documenting. February 18, 2013 I had a dream that I recently asked someone to be my Girlfriend.  We were in an upstairs apartment with a newly […]